Can a plane fly for 3 weeks non-stop? And, more importantly, what do people think about when they don’t think about love?


  • Outfest Los Angeles
  • BFI Flare London
  • MiFo Miami
  • Sevilla European Film Festival
  • Zinegoak Bilbao
  • Cinhomo Valladolid
  • Shorty Week
  • Festival de Genero e Diversidade Sexuale de Rio de Janeiro
  • San Rafael en Corto
  • TWIST Seattle
  • Reeling Chicago Film Festival
  • Pink Screens Belgium
  • Fire! Barcelona
  • North Carolina GLFF

Laura           Gracia L. Anguita
Friend          Samuel Galiardo
Manuela       Patricia Díaz

Directed by Carmen Jiménez
Written by Carmen Jiménez in collaboration with Gracia L. Anguita
Director of photography Irene Tomé
Edited by Bruno Ojeda
Music Pepe Bono
Production sound David F. Torrico
Sound editing José Tomé
Trailer edited by Carlos Raya